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Maples Scientific Publishers is a self-supporting organization and does not receive funding from any institution/government. Hence, the operation of the manuscripts is solely financed by the publication fee i.e. processing and formatting charges, received towards Journal Formatting Services from authors. 
The said fees are required to meet Web page maintenance, PDF and Full text, ISSN assigning and Volumes, and Issue release. Being an Open Access, Maples Scientific Publishers does not receive payment for subscription, as the manuscripts are freely accessible over the internet. Having said this, Maples Scientific Publishers doesn't follow any other fees except some nominal fees towards Journal maintenance.


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Note: We will provide discounts to those articles for which all authors are based in the country as per the following list: Low-Income countriesMiddle-Income countries,  and  High-income countries

‚ÄčNo discount will be given for funded research, while a 50% discount will be given to the articles without any external funding.

List A: 40% discount will be given if all authors are from middle-income countries

List B: 80% discount will be given if all authors are from low-income countries

List C: If authors are from categories High and Middle-income countries then a 20% discount will be given

List D: If authors are from categories high and low income then a 40% discount will be given

List E: If authors are from middle and low income then a 60% discount will be given

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