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Aim and ScopeJournal of Clinical Pediatrics Research (2583-4525) is a peer-reviewed open-access electronic periodical, that aims to publish the most complete and reliable source of information on the discoveries and current research advancements in pediatrics and child health. The paramount objective of the Journal of Clinical Pediatrics Research is to showcase and promote distinguished research in the field of pediatrics, to help advance the development of this field. The types of articles published in JCPR include Editorial, Opinion Review, Frontier, Review, Minireview, Basic Study, Clinical Research, Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, Evidence-based Medicine, Field of Vision, Clinical Guidelines, Letter to the Editor, and Case Report.

Issue release frequency: Bi-annual

Starting Year: 2022; Subject: Pediatrics; Language: English

Journal of Clinical Pediatrics Research is a unique journal in this field that focuses on diversified, cross-disciplinary, and multidisciplinary areas of research by including a diversified array of topics for study, including but not limited to pediatric surgery, pediatrics allergy, pediatrics cancer, congenital cardiology, dentistry, pediatrics dermatology, pediatrics nephrology, pediatrics nutrition, pediatrics obesity, pediatrics psychology, pediatrics health from clinical perspective, ADHD, Alternative Medicine, Antibiotics, Bicycle Injuries, Childhood Obesity, Head Lice, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine, Managing Hypertension, New Combination Vaccines, New Diabetes Treatment, Pediatric Emergencies, Practice Management, Resident Education.

  • Differences and Similarities in Kawasaki disease and Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children
  • Non-Conventional Treatment in Children with Epilepsy: A New Era?
  • Kawasaki Disease: An Ongoing Enigma Tangled With the Appearance of MIS-C
  • Insights in Pediatric Critical Care 2022
  • Pediatric Diencephalic Tumors: A Constellation of Entities and Management Modalities
  • Interventional Radiology for the Pediatrician
  • Genetic and Environmental Factors in the Occurrence of Paediatric Disorders
  • Pathophysiology, Mechanism and Treatment for Pediatric Heart Failure with Co-Morbidities
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM): A Useful Tool for Pediatric Pharmacology Applied to Routine Clinical Practice
  • Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children
  • Safety of Drugs and CAM Products in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Evidence From Clinical Toxicology
  • Recent Advances in Pediatric Inflammatory Diseases
  • Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy in Pediatric Critical Care
  • Antimicrobial Use and Stewardship in Pediatrics
  • Novel Biomarkers for Retinopathy of Prematurity in Preterm Infants
  • Methods in Pediatric Rheumatology
  • Pediatric Transplantation
  • Pediatric Primary Immunodeficiencies
  • Short Stature: Beyond Growth Hormone
  • Neonatal Sepsis and Rational Antibiotic Use in Neonatal Intensive Care Units

You can submit your manuscript to: clinicalpediatrics@journalmapsci.org

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