Editorial | Open Access2023|Volume 4|Issue 3| https://doi.org/10.37191/Mapsci-2582-7367-4(3)-067

POSTCOVID-19 War Era, Transformation of the Medicare and Medicaid are Underestimated

Bahram Alamdary Badlou*

PhD Hematology, BBAdvies and Research, Research and Development, Zeist, The Netherland

*Corresponding Author: Bahram Alamdary Badlou, PhD Hematology, BBAdvies and Research, Research and Development, Zeist, The Netherland.

ReceivedDec 6, 2023RevisedDec 15, 2023AcceptedDec 26, 2023PublishedDec 31, 2023

Covid-19; Cardiovascular diseases; Cardiovascular damages; Chronic diseases; Transplantation


Transformation of medical sciences into liberal marketing ploys that are dramatically accelerating mortality and morbidity rates in this post-Covid-19 era in a dramatically unknown way becomes big concern. Emergency medicine Sciences need new updates regarding certain Medicare and Medicaid of the unknown visiting random ICU-patients. Which aspects are unknown in this postcovid-19 era? Recent approaches clearly are showing a limited capability to a certain frontier, a kind of “lack of know-how” to prevent rapid and severe emergency-related Medicare and Medicaid of different diseases [1-5].

Accordingly, modern diseases in combination with either COVID-19 mutants or different microorganisms, and infectious antigens causing certain unknown complex pathophysiology, which no standard guidelines are available to tackle the traumatic increase in mortality and morbidity rates, eventually. Recent statistics is showing that “the death” as end-effect (despite the cause) remained constant in 21st Century, compared to 1990. Nonetheless lethal processes had different cause initiators i.e. especially those with acute effects such as sudden death in Healthy subjects, remarkably. For instance, consider different chronic diseases (cancer, cardiovascular diseases, allergic and respiratory disease) which in 20st Century had a life expectancy of an average of more than 10 ± 5 years, in a combination with COVID-19 variants infection were died in less than 2-3 months, between 2019-2022. Some cancers’ survival chance was increased from 1 year to more than 5 years, before 2018. Remarkably cancers accelerated (excessive)mortality rate, between 2020-2022, intensely. How covid-19 variants could affect death receptors and could accelerate lethal processes is not completely elucidated yet.

Recall, in 2023 death rates caused by different reason triggered more than 116 deaths per minutes, globally. More than 7000 died per hour, according to WHO statistics data [1]. Compared to 2020 (increased to ±1 8), death rate was in either 1990 ( ± 8.4) or 2023 lower (decreased to ± 8.6), which indicating 33 years research and developments did not have a significant effect on certain changes in death rates, globally. While a total of 14.9 million estimated excess deaths were associated with the COVID-19 pandemic between 2020 and 2022. The age distribution of the COVID-19-related excessive mortality shows that the pandemic attacks disproportionally affected the age group of 45 years and above. That is 14.2 million or 95% of the global excess deaths [1]. Such dramatic development is scientifically disastrous data which needs better investigation about certain motivation(s) and cause-effects, behind it. Current diseases either human-made or naturally-born are used as tools, on the other hand, to increase global chaotically the (Inter)National Health Systems toward the complete disastrous corner, with no remedy in sight i.e. combined COVID-19, Ebola, AIDS, cancers, Cardiovascular damages, extreme drugs abuse, dictating civil wars, and at least but not last allergic reaction induction by using conservative products, unknown drugs, unknown adjuvants and supplements as additives in vaccine productions [1-4]. As described previously, the death triangle machinery is expanding toward rectangle and pentagonal machinery [6]. As then introduced the different angles of the death triangle i.e. Cancer- Platelets disorders–Microorganisms (C-P-M), were based on cancerogenic diseases Medicaid and Medicare. In These postcovid-19 periods, certain viral mutations either human-made or naturally born are affecting transformation of certain principles of disease.

1. Initiations,

2. Propagation and

3. Termination (IPT) of certain signal transduction and metabolism (and formed metabolites).

During COVID-19 pandemic attacks different kinds of acute and chronic diseases IPT processes and acceleration were affected in a novel manner, astonishingly. Simultaneously, progression of fully automatic self-regulated auto-mutation of different COVID-19 variants induced confusion about emerging new kinds of modern diseases by an unknown antigen(s) with novel IPT's speediness. Moreover, novel types of infected organs namely platelets [2,3,6], sperms [7], Gastrointestinal tracks, and skeletal muscle machinery. On one hand, recent transformations in IPT mechanisms caused a significant revolution of understanding over complexity of prognostic and diagnostics. On the other hand, caused complexity in treatments, Medicare and Medicaid of unknown novel disorders became big challenges with significant collateral damages as seen in long covid patients. Recently either simple infectious- or not-infectious disease is causing huge, accelerated panic, collateral damage, and significant side effects on certain groups of patients i.e. long covid, cancer, obesity, cardiovascular, and transplantation candidates. Recall, between 2019-2023 an increased in not only sudden death of chronic patients was observed but also a significant mistake in Medicare and Medicaid approaches either accidentally or unintentionally were done (see PUBMEDS different publications about bleeding disorders, vaccines induced disorders between 2020-2023).

Suddenly, the whole medical world after 2019, based on pandemic attacks was surprised with different kinds of COVID-19 variants that did not follow classic IPT principles but a new mechanism of disease(s)-progression/acceleration in their contracted subjects. Surprisingly, not only were random disease acceleration with high mortality risks increased in an acute manner, but also the survival chance of chronically ill patients shortened from life expectancy between 5-10 years to 1-2 months. Moreover, focused on routine cancer patients, randomly they died in less than 1-2 month, who normally had a life expectancy of more than 3-5 years. Different aspects of acceleration affecting cancerogenic processes after recent unknown infections between 2019-2023 were previously described and predicted might to happen [2,3,6].Though over potential COVID-19 variants interaction on the platelets dysfunction, simultaneously have different research study groups tried to describe new transformation and novel mutation of simple aerosol corona virus as external antigen, into a superbug initiating systemic signal transduction, that might initiate regulating of a unknown mechanism, differently from classic known cancerogenous processes. Moreover, all reported Clinical diseases indicated an acceleration/excess in mortality rate toward an anomalous increased mortality and morbidity rates, which still not completely elucidated yet [6]. Using the COVID-19 pandemic as an example Fittal, et al., 2022 showed different approaches are necessary in the face of uncertain and evolving situations, wherein reliable information is needed in a timely fashion to guide policy [5].

Recently Dr. S. Gupta (CNN 2023) reported the main indicators of 10 central complications that USA is suffering from in 2023 were namely.

1. A significant increasing sport-related acute death, a significant increase of doping and self-regulated Medicare and Medicaid by either athletes and/or their team’s doctors administered,

2. Drug abuse either registered or not registered.

3. CRISPR technology (ab)use which after 20 years still have limited capabilities,

4. Availability of standard vaccines and their effectiveness issues

5. Shortage of drugs and certain tools availability for patients,

6. (Anti-)Alzheimer and dementia drugs quality and qualitative issues

7. Increased loneliness and psychosomatic problems between different societies

8. Abortion and miscarriages issues,

9. (anti)Diabetes drugs (ab)use either with or without obesity management, and at last but not least

10. Paralyzed patients supporting and recovery of the 6.9 million reported deaths attributed to COVID-19 up to 11 March 2023, 43% were reported in WHO’s Region of the Americas, making it the region hardest hit by the pandemic attacks [1,5].

Recall, USA possess the most powerful diagnostic tools, and claims that have one of the best Medicare and Medicaid systems worldwide, the sincere question remains why 43% affected subjects get no appropriate Healthcare system to prevent severe COVID-19 indications, collateral damages, also introducing a mystery transformation of global healthcare. One is observing the most powerful and wealthy countries also struggling with the same issues and “copy-pasting” attitude is business as usual for underdeveloped countries. The sincere questions remaining are that on one hand, whether US and other industrialized countries solved the cancer-related disease (CRD), if yes why so many casualties? Whether long covid-patients (LCPs) are not their concern anymore. Whether accelerating CRD mortality rate, in an additive combination with different infections is forgotten aspects, remained unanswered in 2023. On the other hand, progression of economic-based AI-related sciences pushes (news)reporters and messengers to broadcast/replace fictive problems as main, and real problems as fictive miniscule issues, which they could be ignored.

The mind-provoking AI-related tools and software also could not prevent pandemic attacks, in the developed countries up to 2023. Different AI-related tools obviously have limited software to accelerate certain processing, selectively. Therefore, local Governments might get the wrong picture and invest in AI-related tools despite the abovementioned facts, while real Scientists miss their grants funds to solve current questions. Take home message is follow factual science and not fictive processed picture of sciences. For 2024 is predicted an accelerated challenges to find out which solutions are real, and which one are fictively introduced tricks. Some of mind-provoking hypothesis even go further and speculate recent automatic self-renewing and mutations of COVID-19 variants transforming into a novel biologic weapon. More insight is needed about corona virus, COVID-19 human-induced variants and superbugs. Moreover, the recent adaptation and transforming of different variants from aerosol virus into maritime entities is also a big concern, from 2024.


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